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Pricing and Packaging

Make Your  SAP World Better

Highest Value

Syslink Xandria

SAP monitoring, management and analysis including:

  • Monitoring automation
  • SAP performance management
  • SLA reporting
  • Predictive analysis
  • Audit readiness
  • Complete landscape visibility
  • Basic SAP security monitoring

Highest Value

Syslink Xandria Pro

SAP and cloud monitoring, management and analysis.

Includes everything in the standard version plus:

  • Cloud automation
  • Performance-based cloud scaling
  • Hybrid environment monitoring
  • Multi-cloud management
  • Unlimited dashboards
  • Business process monitoring
  • Advanced SAP security
  • Advanced compliance monitoring
  • SAP maintenance automation
  • Automated SAP system start/stop

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Syslink Xandria

Syslink Xandria Pro


Native Monitoring (all types of objects)

Custom Checks

Automatic Change Detection

End-to-End Monitoring

Business Services / Composite Checks




Solution Documents

Maintenance Windows



Cloud Integration

Start/Stop Management

Web Services / Externally Managed Checks


Active Directory


Service Level Reporting

Availability Overview

Predictive Resource Planning

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The Cloud Actions from Syslink Xandria are a game changer. Using this solution we can manage AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud as well as all of our customer’s SAP environment in one single solution. It dynamically allocates cloud resources based on the systems’ performance, saving our customers a substantial amount of money.

Micahel Haase, CEO & Founder | Managecore

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the Syslink Xandria price calculated?

The Xandria pricing model is based on the amount of ‘Xandria License Objects’. These objects correspond to different technical components within your landscape. Once Xandria is deployed, it will fully map your landscape and you will only be charged for the actual elements you have in your system.

Can Syslink Xandria manage SAP and non-SAP systems?

Yes, Syslink Xandria can manage any elements in your SAP ecosystems: SAP product, non-SAP products as well as cloud solutions. You can get more details in Xandria datasheet

What kind of implementation timeline should I expect?

Syslink Xandria is deployed within hours with no projects or consultants. Xandria’s system recognition intelligence will auto deploy industry best-practice checks and thresholds depending on the system, database and operating system type.

Can Enterprises and Managed Service Providers use this solution?

Yes, some of the largest enterprises and managed service providers in the world are using Syslink Xandria to offer better SAP service, productivity, governance, innovation and information to their customers and users.

Can I see it before I buy?

Of course, our expert SAP architect team will be happy to share with you all the amazing things Xandria can do. Contact us to arrange a demo, or watch a short free demo

Can I manage different SAP environments using one Syslink Xandria system?

Yes, Syslink Xandria provides a true multi-tenant solution where you can easily separate access to different customers or departments.

Can I manage AWS, Azure and Google Cloud using Xandria?

Absolutely, Syslink Xandria provides you with unique capabilities to dynamically scale your SAP systems on AWS, Azure and Google cloud based on SAP system performance and KPIs. You can learn more about our cloud automation capabilities here

What kind of support do you offer?

Syslink Xandria offers 24/7 support. Our support organization is structured with an ‘around the globe’ support model to ensure you will have a timely response that can be accessed via our support portal or a 24/7 phone line.

Do you offer training?

Yes, we offer standard remote, or on-site, multi-session training programs tailored specifically to your organization’s needs.

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