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Cloud Automation 

Dynamically and automatically allocate cloud resources
based on your SAP systems' performance.

  • Performance-Based Cloud Scaling

  • Multi-cloud Environment Management

  • Hybrid Environment Management

  • Automated SAP Maintenance

  • Fully Operational in One Day


Performance-Based Cloud Scaling

Moving your SAP environment to AWS, Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud creates unexpected challenges. To experience real cost savings, companies need an automated solution that enables the cloud size to respond to SAP systems’ actual performance needs. Syslink Xandria provides dynamic KPI and performance-based cloud scaling that can’t be achieved with any other solution in the market.


Multi-cloud Multi-tenant Management

Managing IT environments with multiple cloud providers is complicated. By leveraging a secured, multi-tenant multi-cloud management platform like Syslink Xandria, you can manage all your cloud environments via one powerful solution, with complete transparency. Compare and analyze the different clouds’ performance to optimize your cloud costs to drive maximum efficiency.


Automated SAP Hybrid Environment Management

Syslink Xandria provides complete visibility, automation and management to all your SAP landscapes - on-premise and in the cloud. It provides performance transparency across the landscape as well as any other solution within the SAP ecosystem, saving operation costs and increasing SAP management efficiency


Automated SAP Maintenance

Over 25% of planned SAP maintenance is wasted on manually starting and stopping the SAP systems. Syslink Xandria automates system-wide or partial SAP start/stop based on a predefined schedule, saving resources, preventing human errors, and ensuring no information is lost.

Grow Your Cloud Environment. Ensure System Performance.

Learn how Syslink Xandria dynamically adds or reduces on-the-fly cloud capacity for your SAP systems

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The Cloud Actions from Syslink Xandria are a game changer. Using this solution we can manage AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud as well as all of our customer’s SAP environment in one single solution. It dynamically allocates cloud resources based on the systems’ performance, saving our customers a substantial amount of money.

Michael Haase, Founder | Managecore

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