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Syslink Xandria

Manage. Analyze. Monitor. Complete SAP Control.

  • SAP System Monitoring

  • Business Service Management (BSM)

  • Predictive Analysis

  • Audit and Compliance

  • Landscape Management

  • Cloud Automation

Revolutionize SAP systems management, analysis and monitoring

syslink Xandria is a smart and reliable SAP analysis, management and monitoring solution. It provides predictive and proactive monitoring, as well as automated best practices for SAP landscape management, helping to prevent failures and saving you time and resources. Xandria gives you full control of all of your SAP environments, whether they're on-premise, cloud- or HANA-based. And it can be installed and fully operational in one day, with no projects or ongoing maintenance required.


Automated Daily and Real-time Monitoring

Save at least 20 percent of the hours you spend on daily checks every week. Xandria is built to allow complete SAP landscape and process monitoring and even allows you to build and automate custom checks and notifications customized to your organization needs.


Quickly identify the root cause of an issue.

Combine the most pertinent information into simple dashboards for your specialized reporting and monitoring needs. Xandria Business Service Management (BSM) lets you gain detailed visibility into your processes and KPIs, but it also lets you drill in and easily identify the source of a problem, ensuring minimal disruption to operation or event fix issues before those issues become major.


Prevent SAP Failures Before They Happen

Syslink Xandria's predictive analysis capabilities enable you to take action on trends in availability and resource utilization. You see both current and future system use trends, allowing you to easily forecast your needs. With your new knowledge of expected resource growth, you can make informed budget and resource planning decisions and prevent failures.


Make Cloud Scaling Work For You. Automate It!

Xandria is the first solution on the market for multi-cloud and hybrid management tools, that dynamically auto-scales SAP systems running on public clouds (AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform and others). The solution provides enterprises and IT managed service providers (MSPs) a way to dramatically reduce their ongoing cloud costs and SAP maintenance time.


Prepare for and Pass Audits — Faster

Can you honestly say you're certain you catch every impactful change as it occurs? With Xandria’s advanced monitoring and reporting capabilities, you can track changes and compliance with your organization’s change control policy — and receive instant notifications in the case of a policy breach.


SAP Landscape Management

Sometimes SAP landscapes are overwhelmingly complex, with multiple systems to manage and a need to ensure consistency. Get complete, system-wide visibility and synchronization to guarantee availability and performance.

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