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Can your company afford not having the best SAP managementt and monitoring solution?

Thank You for your interest in Syslink Xandria.  For an accurate pricing quote please fill out the below form in full.

Once installed, Xandria will provide you with a complete mapping of your landscape. The actual charge will be based on the real amount of elements in your system. We will not charge you based on these estimates.

Below you can find some tips of what included in each category

Amount of SAP systems 

Included Not included
ABAP Systems  BOBJ
Java Systems HANA Based Systems   BODS
Dual Stack (ABAP/Java) Systems Application Servers (secondary instances)   
Fiori with an ABAP Back End  

 Amount of additional instances

Additional instances including:
Application Servers (Secondary instances)
Web Dispatcher


Stand-alone databases 

Stand-alone databases including:
Any non-SAP, ‘stand-alone’ database
BOBJ systems
HANA sidecar
BODS systems
Live cache database

Amount of servers

Servers including:
Total count of all servers to be included in the quote
High availability servers
All servers associated with the above metrics
Any stand-alone servers
Active of 'hot' disaster recovery servers

Note: Virtual cluster servers do not require a license, but the underlying servers or ‘nodes’ require a license

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