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Predictive Analysis

Forecast your needs. Plan for changes. Prevent failures.

  • Forecast Infrastructure Growth

  • Plan Your Resources Better


Forecast Your Infrastructure Growth

Syslink Xandria's predictive analysis provides indications of the expected growth of various SAP and infrastructure resources. With your new knowledge of predictive resource growth, you can make informed budget and resource planning decisions and prevent failures.


Predictive Resource Planning

Similar elements may behave in a different way in different scenarios. Your team needs to know how to prioritize and allocate their time based on timing and expected impact. If you knew the expected time that the storage will fill out on two servers, you could prioritize and remedy the situation before it impacts your business.

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I had one employee spending at least 10 hours every week just maintaining the SAP Solution Manager. Now we don’t have to do it at all. We were amazed by the simplicity of the system, how easy it is to add new monitored objects and to set up instant notifications

Alon Senderovitz, SAP Basis Manager | Strauss

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