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Business Service Management (BSM)

Combine checks to quickly identify the source of the problem.

  • Grouping and Weighting

  • Visual Awareness


Stack Monitors for Better Process Visibility

With Business Service Management, a collection of individual checks can act as a single check. Combining different elements within the same system, or even across multiple systems, enable you to find the root cause and address every issue properly.


See Root Cause Immediately

BSM allows you to escalate issues when several events occur at the same time. If, for example, server X CPU is too high, and memory is too high, and two specific SAP jobs are running slowly, an event may be triggered. Combining checks can help you clearly identify the source of a problem, thereby saving you time and energy.

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We've decreased the department’s administrative burden, freeing the team to pursue new, valuable business initiatives. New systems can be added to the monitoring process in an efficient and effective way. Xandria's implementation and operating Xandria were only a small fraction of competing products.

Olaf Eichkorn, leader of SAP Basis Team | City of Zurich

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