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Audits Just Got Easier.

Ready to finally get rid of your manual change tracking process?

  • No More Manual Change Tracking

  • Get Access to Every Record You Need

  • Promote Policy Adherence

  • No more information gaps


No More Manual Change Tracking

Every system level change should be tracked, but finding and recording them manually is time-prohibitive. With Syslink Xandria, every system change is tracked and time stamped automatically into a log file, so you can be sure you don't miss anything.


Get Access to Every Record You Need

It's like a bad nightmare: you need to pass an audit and you don't have the proper records. Syslink Xandria's change configuration log is your solution. Not only will you be able to immediately see all system-level changes, but you'll also have access to a running record, including timestamp, nature of the change, and who made it.


Help Everyone Remain Compliant

Set profile parameters in compliance with your company's security policy, and receive notifications when any change or existing parameter value doesn't meet the policy's details. You can even attach the policy to the specific change, so you always have a paper trail that shows approval and proper adherence to process.


No more information gaps during planned maintenance

Planned maintenance windows create monitoring, compliance, security, audit, and management information gaps. Syslink Xandria eliminates these information gaps. The solution’s agents continue to monitor the operating system, database, and third-party applications while the SAP applications layer is down, ensuring no information is lost.

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The migration to HANA was easier thanks to Xandria. We've used Xandria to monitor our landscape before, during and after the migration, to ensure we received the expected performance enhancements by migrating to HANA. We can't even imagine managing our SAP landscape it without Xandria.

Rochus Tresch, head SAP development | Coop

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