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Identify and Prevent Expensive SAP Downtime

Your all-in-one management, monitoring and analysis solution for complex SAP landscapes on-premise and in the cloud.

Manage. Monitor. Analyze. Complete SAP Landscape Control

Stop Running Manual Checks

Stop Running Manual Checks

Automate daily and real-time checks. Spend your time on the important tasks: solving and preventing issues

Complete SAP Landscape Visibility

Complete SAP Landscape Visibility

Understand your SAP system performance, availability and compliance level at any given moment.

Increase Infrastructural Stability and Efficiency

Increase Infrastructural Stability and Efficiency

Reduce costs and increase company productivity by preventing downtime and predicting resource usage.

Using Xandria we prevented 2 Major Failures in SAP Production Systems. We've also reduced server updates implemented to just 1 to 2 hours, post-processing of system copies reduced from 3 hours to 3 minutes and adding a new system to the monitoring process reduced from half a day to just 30 minutes

Belz Koch -Head of SAP Services | Migros

It was a vital requirement for us to find a solution that wasn’t based on the SAP CCMS interface. Ultimately, this was the decisive factor in choosing syslink Xandria.

Wolfgang Ihlenfeld -ERP/SAP System Operation Department | REWE Group

I had one employee spending at least 10 hours every week just maintaining the SAP Solution Manager. Now we don’t have to do it at all. We were amazed by the simplicity of the system, how easy it is to add new monitored objects and to set up instant notifications

Alon Senderovitz -SAP Basis Manager | Strauss

The migration to HANA was easier thanks to Xandria. We've used Xandria to monitor our landscape before, during and after the migration, to ensure we received the expected performance enhancements by migrating to HANA

Rochus Tresch -Head SAP Development | Coop

Prevent Failures with Real-time Monitoring

Prevent Failures with Real-time Monitoring

Xandria's real-time monitoring includes both native and custom checks and frees you from dependence on CCMS or any other SAP tool. If you can run SAP on the OS or database, Xandria can monitor it. Our solution is built to allow constant, automated monitoring, saving you at least 20 percent of the hours you'd typically spend on daily checks. We've even included native checks for technologies such as HANA and BOBJ.

RTM Control center-compressed

Actionable real-time and daily monitoring

Understanding your system end-to-end at any given time is a critical component of success. But spending hours running daily checks is a waste of your time. With Syslink's real-time monitoring, automated daily checks, custom checks capabilities and smart notifications, you can save at least 10 hours a week, allowing you to focus on fixing real problems.

Multi Cloud Management

Cloud Automation

Syslink Xandria automates your SAP systems on the cloud and provides dynamic KPI and performance-based cloud scaling that can’t be achieved with any other solution in the market. Using Xandria cloud actions ensures you only pay for the cloud resources that your SAP systems actually need.

Smart SAP Business Service Management (BSM)

Smart Business Service Management (BSM)

Business Services Management gives you higher visibility while simplifying and shortening the troubleshooting process. Using BSM, you can execute checks on different systems and different customers while maintaining one, combined view.

SAP Predictive Resource Planning

Predictive Analysis

It's not enough to just know how your systems and applications have performed in the past or today. Predictive analysis lets you be proactive and prevent downtime and fire-drills. Predictive analysis and forecasting provide indications of expected resource growth, giving you the ability to get ahead of SAP system failures and better plan your budget and resources.

SAP Audit and Compliance

Simplify Audit and Compliance

Every system should be configured in compliance with your security and change policies. Our solution allows you to track and report on any system changes and receive notifications in the case of policy breaches, thereby reducing the time you spend getting ready for audits while increasing your ability to pass them.

SAP Landscape Management

Landscape Management

Inconsistencies in complicated SAP landscapes create extra work and can lead to lengthy outages. Syslink Xandria provides visualization of all system components across the landscape to ensure that all servers, databases, SAP instances — and your day — remain in sync.

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